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Wakes and Boats Initiative

We are experiencing the “The Perfect Storm”:

The “Wakes and Boats Initiative” is an on-going educational effort launched by Friends of Clam Lake (FoCL). It is an awareness campaign focused on excessive boat wakes which damage the shorelines,
compromise the fisheries, and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to mitigate.

Numerous studies throughout North America have been summarized in the Michigan DNR Fisheries Report 37. These studies have focused on wake surf boats, which produce wave heights 2-3 times higher with wave energy up to 17 times more than regular boats. However, we have also seen that regular boats can produce excessive wakes. The studies’ conclusions have shown:

Please choose to make a difference by following and sharing the suggestions below with friends, family, neighbors, guests, and renters.

Clam Lake needs your help!

Since Clam Lake is narrow, shallow, and extremely vulnerable to excessive boat wakes:

For further information, see the following:

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