The Research

Michigan DNR Fisheries Report 37, July 2023

Wake boats: concerns and recommendations related to natural resource management in Michigan waters               
By: James Francis, Joel Nohner, John Bauman, Brain Gunderman

SAFL Project Report No. 600, February 2022

St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota

A Field Study of Maximum Wave Height, Total Wave Energy, and Maximum Wave Power Produced by Four Recreational Boats on a Freshwater Lake

                By: Jeffrey Marr, Andrew Riesgraf, William Herb, Matthew Lueker, Jessica Kozarek, Kimberly Hill

University of Quebec at Montreal, June 2014

Project Evaluation of the Impact of Waves Created by Wake Boats on the Shores of the

Lakes Memphremagog and Lovering

                By: Sara Mercier-Blais, Yves PrairieJeffrey

Michigan DNR eyes inland lake restrictions on wakesurfing boats, September 24, 2022

MLive Report by Garrett Ellison