Fish Shelters

Map of Fish Shelter Locations in Clam Lake

Fish Shelter Locations in Clam Lake (Click Here)

Fish Shelters Found in Clam Lake!

On June 5th 2013, as part of their monthly training, two members from the Antrim County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) Dive Team conducted a training exercise using the fish shelters on Clam Lake as the “drowning victim” or “sunken boat”. Supported by Friends of Clam Lake (FoCL) members Art Hoadley and Paul Sak, and an ACSO Marine Division patrol boat to monitor the dive areas, three shelter structures at each of the four sites currently deployed in Clam Lake were located and mapped with accurate GPS coordinates.

The Dive Team reported that all structures were intact with “lots of fish, small and large” swimming around. Depths of the structures were in the targeted range of 15 – 20 feet. The feedback from the Dive Team indicated that this was an excellent training exercise scenario. The plan is to hopefully continue this work with the Antrim County Dive Team on the other lakes in the chain. Since surrounding counties work and train together, we might also have dive teams from Charlevoix and Leelanau counties participating.

It was a classic “win-win” situation: realistic training exercises for the Dive Team and accurate GPS locations and confirmation that the shelters are attracting fish. The challenge now is to catch those fish!

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