Dear Members & Supporters,

Spring has sprung; the ice has melted; and summer is a month away.  Now, seems like an ideal time for each of us to examine the individual efforts we have made during the past year to preserve our Up North treasure. 

Did we take care to avoid fertilizing the lake when we worked on our yards in the spring?  Have we made an effort to keep or plant native vegetation near the shore to filter possible contaminants?  Did we take care when refueling our boats to avoid unwelcome spills?  When boating, did we avoid dredging the lake bottom?  Were we careful not to litter the lake with paper or cans?  Did we strive to protect the loons, their chicks and other wildlife by observing them from a distance?  Did we build our beach fires back from the water and dispose of the ashes away from the shore?  Did we dump the fall leaves far from the water’s edge?  Did we take ecological care when cleaning our boats, using our ice shanties and ice fishing?  Did we make an effort to be considerate of our fellow boaters, fishermen, swimmers and others enjoying the lake?  Basic no brainers, right; custodians that we are!

As Friends of Clam Lake, we will continue to educate, and vigilantly strive to care and protect our treasure.  To do this, we need member participation.  Please renew your membership and/or join us today in all of our efforts.  And please, let us know you care; share your concerns and suggestions.  May our children’s children enjoy our lake, as we have been so privileged to do!

Cottie Volle, Membership Chairperson & Board Member